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Pine Furniture - Questions and Answers

We know that customers often have many questions before considering purchasing pine furniture from an online retailer.  The list below is a selection of the most common questions that we get asked


1. Q. Can we collect and save on delivery?


A. Yes you can.  We hold most items of pine furniture in stock so can often arrange for you to collect the same day if you wish.  We ask that customers always check with us beforehand though as inevitably items do run out of stock from time to time meaning it may take a couple of weeks to get them into stock.


2. Q. We have seen the same piece of pine furniture in a local shop and you are much cheaper.  Is this the same quality as the shop?


A. We buy huge quantities of the Corona Pine Furniture direct from the manufacturer and by running an internet business with low overheads and no expensive showrooms, sales staff and expensive advertising we can pass on large savings to our internet customers.  The quality that we offer is almost certainly better than what most high street shops offer as they will often source the cheapest pine they can to try and improve their profit margins.  We only sell the best quality we can find.


3. Q. Will this Corona Pine furniture match some existing Corona Pine that I bought a few years ago from another retailer?


A. There are many variations of Mexican Corona available from a large number of retailers.  The Corona range that we offer is the best in our opinion as it has a very good hand waxed finish and is manufactured in Brazil.  There are several different finishes available from other retailers such as smoked wax and distressed wax.  Pine furniture changes in appearance over time as sunlight fades it so if you are considering a large purchase it makes sense to do so within a few months of each other if possible.  These are all slightly different in finish.  If you buy some Corona furniture from us we would recommend that you don't by additional from elsewhere or you will almost certainly get a poor match.  We can recommend waxes that you can apply to existing pine furniture to allow you to try and get a better match.


4.  Q. If there is a problem with any of the pine furniture when I get it what can I do to get it resolved?


A. If you have any problems with the pine furniture you have purchased please notify us within 7 days and we do everything we can to resolve it and send replacement parts or items if required.  We pride ourselves on our after sales service.  If you have any reason to think that your furniture may have been damaged when it arrives from the delivery company please mark any paperwork to state that you think the furniture has been damaged so that we can claim against the delivery company.  If there is a problem we realise that its our job to resolve it so that you are completely satisfied.


5. Q Do you deliver to remote Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands?


A. We can deliver to all of these questions but we get charged more by the carrier so please send us your full address along with the items that you are thinking of ordering and we can come back with a quote for you.  We get charged by the volume of the goods so the more you order the more we will charge.  The maximum we will charge for a standard mainland postcode is 80 for very large orders.


If you have a question that's not listed above please email or ring us to discuss further. 



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